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Life Stories is a brain child of Mr. Avi Arya, Founder & CEO, Internet Moguls. He tLovingls the world to meet entrepreneurs and achievers in their fields to document their legacy. He has earned Certificate from New York Film Academy.
With his knowledge of the field and years of experience in corporate video production and a professional commercial video production crew, he is the best storyteller you could find in Vancouver.

How Life Stories Will Help You ?

Tell Your Story Let your audience know the unknown through your story.
Create Legacy Compiling interviews, archival footage and photographs help you create an image for your brand.
Reach The innovative videos create curiosity amongst your target audience aiding you to pull-off your brand worldwide.
FAQ’s Document the answers to frequently asked questions for your brand and spur the process of brand promotion.
Sales With the impressive and result-oriented visual aid boost your sales’ culture.
Loyalty As a video is a more valid mode of self-expression, it leaves a lasting and trustworthy impact on its target audience.


Video biography is the latest trend and the new marketing that could take your brand to the next level while helping you to leave a legacy behind. Life Stories by Avi Arya is a project aimed at offering quality commercial video production services to help you weave a story, fine tune it and sell it to your audience that reflects your ideas, beliefs and struggles.


What we have done?

Personal and corporate videos are now one of the best ways to tell the world what you are all about. If you are looking for corporate video production companies in Vancouver then search no more. Our work speaks for itself.
We are proud of all the work we do for our great clients. Here is a sampling.

Juvan Langford On Life Stories By Avijit Arya

DR NIMA On Life Stories By Avijit Arya

Connor Beaton On Life Stories By Avijit Arya

Vicki Mcleod On Life Stories By Avijit Arya

William Oliver On Life Stories By Avijit Arya

Life Story Teaser

Who is AVI ARYA?

Trainer. speaker. writer.

Let Your Story Be Heard. Call us!

Reach us to tell your life story by one of the best video production companies in Vancouver.
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